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General information

If you ever need support, we are available Mon-Sat 9-17. You can reach us by calling or emailing (find your country's phone number and email under Contact Us)
Signing up with us is simple and only takes a few minutes. To create an account with us, you’ll need to sign up through our website. Then complete your profile and verify your ID
The exact fee and exchange rate can vary depending on where you are sending money to and from, as well as what delivery method you choose. You will be able to see both on the calculator, after inputting the amount
If you have any complaints you are welcome to contact our Customer Support team, you can find the email under the Contact Us page

Creating a transfer

Setting up a transfer is easy and can be done in 2 simple steps. 1- Choose recipient: You add a recipient by typing in their basic details such as name, address, telephone. 2- Choose the recipient and amount to send
You can choose to pay by the choices given for the specific country, you are sending from. Generally we accept the local form of digital payment or debit card/bank. We accept Visa and MasterCard. As well as Trustly bank transfers.
Normally transfers sent using us arrive within minutes, - Mobile money: Within minutes- Cash pickup: Available to collect within minutes There may be cases with delay, whereby details given do not match.
You and the recipient will get notifications by text and/or e-mail when the money is sent and received. You can check the progress of your transfer by logging into your account.
The maximum amount varies between corridors, i.e. from and to where you make the transfer. To check the limit for your particular transfer, simply enter how much you would like to send.
We only accept electronic/digital transfers as we believe it to be better than cash transfers in every sense; simpler, faster, and more secure.
A Transaction ID is a unique number given to every transfer you set up. It is the number you’ll need to give our Customer Support team if you contact them with any questions.
We currently do not offer the option of setting up recurring transfers.

Delivery methods

A mobile wallet is an electronic wallet that allows you to store, send and receive money on your mobile phone. With us you can send money within minutes to mobile money accounts.
A cash pickup transfer can be picked up by your recipient as physical cash from a supported location within our local partner network.


Sending money through us is extremely safe. We make sure the integrity of all our security protocols and processes.
Your password is encrypted with AES-128 Bit encryption. No, we would never call and ask for your login password and nor will anyone at our Customer Support ask for it. Please remember that it is your responsibility, to keep you.
The security and privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us. You can read more about our privacy policy thru the link “Privacy Policy”.

My Account information

You can have only one account per person. Please be careful, if you create duplicate accounts it may result in all the accounts being deactivated.
If you have signed up for more than one account, one of your accounts may have been deactivated as each account with us, a unique user can have only one account. Please contact customer support for more details
In general, we can only permanently delete accounts which haven’t been used in 5 years due to regulatory reasons. However, we can always deactivate an account for you.

ID Verification

Once email is verified, you will be redirected to My Verifications page. Where: Step 1 According to the international Know Your Customer standards you can verify your identity with any official government document — ID-card, passport or driving license. After taking a photo of your document, please send us the pictures, using the form. First, choose your country. Step 2: Then, choose your ID type and upload the photos of your document. NB! What is important to note when you take a photo: All corners of the document should be visible in the photo. The text in the document should be easy to read. Make sure there are no highlights and stains on the photo. Low quality pictures won’t be accepted by the system. If your document has two pages or two sides (for example, a US ID-card or a CIS passport), both sides / pages must be attached. The document must be valid for at least a month. An expired document won’t be validated. The system doesn’t accept documents corrected in the graphic editors. We accept JPEG or PDF files no less than 500 KB. In some cases, the document has to have Latin transliteration as the system doesn’t accept Arabic ligature.
It is important that we are able to keep our service safe and secure for all of our customers. By asking for official identification, we are able to verify your identity.
ID verification through a computer Use this method if you have saved photos of your ID document on your computer. Make sure not to use unsupported file formats and pictures. You will be redirected to My Verifications if ID is required, then Upload ID file or take a picture
These are the most common mistakes made when taking photographs of your ID document: • The entire ID document is NOT visible on the photo: Make sure all the details are visible, and all 4 corners of the document
In order to activate your account, you are required to provide us with a high-quality photo copy of a valid ID document. Once you have registered an account and logged in.

Editing account details

Log in to your account on the website, go to ”My Account” and then the ”My Recipients” section. Click on the “Edit” icon next to the recipient you would like to alter the details for.
You can edit your password at any time if you click on the Login page and then ”Forgot your password?”. To find your personal details click on ”My Details”.
If you have forgotten your account password for the website, please follow the below steps. Step 1. Navigate to Step 2. Click "Login" Step 3. Click "Forgot your Password?" Step 4. Enter your e-mail address and click "Send Password Reset Link" Step 5. Check your e-mail account for the e-mail from us. This will include a link to click. Step 6. Click the link, and you will be guided through the process of setting up a new password.

My Transactions

You can check the progress of your transfer by logging in to your account and clicking on “My transactions”.
You will get notifications by text and e-mail when the money is sent and received. You can check the progress of your transfer by logging in to your account and clicking, My Transactions.
You can find your transaction history by logging into your account and clicking on “My transactions”.
In order to cancel a transfer, please contact our Customer Support team as soon as possible. As some transfers, such as mobile money transfers, can go through in as little as seconds, we have to be quick and notify Payout partners.
In some circumstances we are able to recall a mobile money transfer, but this is not always possible. Cash pickup transfers can usually be recalled until they have been cashed out.
As a transfer can go through in as little as a few seconds we need the recipient's consent to recall it. For a successful recall we need: The recipient to be contactable for the Payout partner.

Receiving transfers

If you haven't received the mobile money transfer within the expected delivery time, please ask the sender to contact our Customer Support team.
Please check with your sender so that you have the correct payment code and that they provided your full name as it shows on your ID. If everything is correct, please contact customer support to assist.
If you haven't received your payment code within the expected delivery time, please ask the sender to contact our Customer Support team.

Paying by card

We accept Visa and MasterCard issued in any of our sending countries. Please make sure that you are using your own card, so that the name on the card matches the name on record.
We need the money you send, to come from your own personal card. As an authorised payment institution, we need to ensure we know the identity of our customers.
When paying by debit card there are no extra fees. Some credit card issuers may charge a fee as the transfer is classified as a cash transfer. The fee, if any, will depend on the card provider.
Your card might have been rejected for a few reasons. It could be rejected by either your bank or by us, due to: - Incorrect details: Please double check all the details.
If your card payment did not go through, you can try a different card without having to enter all the transfer details again.


You can send money from all countries specified in "Sending From"
We currently offer money transfer to East African countries. To see all of the countries we serve, go to the homepage and look at the “Send To” drop-down menu.
New customers will set the country they are sending from upon registration. For security reasons you cannot change the sending country online.
We offer money transfers to many countries and we are adding more all of the time. If we are not serving the country you want to send money to at this time, hopefully we shall accommodate in the near future.
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